Bridging the gap between Server Admins & Developers

WebScoot was created to bridge the gap between the Server Administrators and Developers so that the Magento store owner can have complete piece of mind and issues are not played Volleyball with. If you know what we mean!

But to bring more transparency and clarity for our Developer friends and the Business owner, we thought putting down the differences and marking out the work territory would be in the best interest of everyone involved.


What all would WebScoot do for you?

  • Initial Server Setup with our WebScoot stack.
  • Migration of your Magento store from other host.
  • One time setup and configuration of a Version Control system like GIT or SVN. Any other functions like GIT pull, merge, etc will have to be taken care of by the development team. 
  • Complete Optimisations from server side as well as Magento specific optimisations to ensure the fastest loading time without compromising on any store functionality. (There are cases where some theme component or extension is responsible for causing extra delay in loading time. We help to diagnose the component BUT resolving why that component is causing problem is something the developer has to debug. We can disable that component temporarily in this case)
  • Setup and configuration of a Content Delivery Network(CDN) for faster loading time.
  • Setup of daily offsite backups and restore in case of any issues or disaster.
  • Debugging any server side issues or problems.
  • Debugging any Magento related errors caused due to server side issue or else informing the Development team in case issue is from code side.
  • Taking the required security precautions and following best practices to prevent any security loophole from the server end.
  • Running regular malware scans to find any infected files.
  • In case the store is compromised due to a security loophole in Magento code, we work to clean it or restore from the backups in a timely manner to minimise any business loss.
  • Server firewall management to reduce any brute force or DoS attacks.
  • Informing about any new Magento security patches and helping development team apply them if any issues encountered by them. (Any store functionality issues encountered from patches have to be resolved by the Development team since patches are changes in Magento code files that can sometimes break some features or third party extensions)
  • Pro-Active monitoring of the store so that we get a notification for the downtime and we can step in to resolve the problem in a timely manner.


What is expected from our Developer friends?

  • Not to do any changes directly on live or production Magento store. All changes MUST first be done and tested on a staging/development setup. We suggest the use of a version control system like GIT for change management.
  • GIT pull/merge and other functions have to be taken care of by the development team.
  • Installation of any plugins or extensions. Also, in case any extension creates code related issues, then debugging the same. Developers can take help from the extension developers for timely resolution.
  • Not to override any Magento core files. This can create issues later on and also during security patch implementation.
  • Not to disable the Magento Cache as this will slow down the website. After making any changes, the Cache can simply be refreshed for changes to appear in frontend.
  • Not to run the Re-Indexing during peak hours for any large stores since this process is resource intensive and can slow down the site and in some cases, might cause a downtime also. For such stores, we keep Re-indexing as Manual and schedule a cronjob to run it nightly at off peak hours when the traffic is minimum.
  • Any image related optimisations to reduce page size and thereby improve loading time and user experience.
  • In case any functionality breaks after applying Magento security patches or optimisations, debugging the same and resolving it to keep the store secure from any Magento code loopholes.

In case you have any questions or feedback regarding this for us, feel free to drop an email to [email protected]