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> Run on AWS with no extra charges

> Optimized Servers for your business

> Magento 2 Cloud Hosting with SSD

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Helping 1000+ Magento Stores Grow Faster 

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Best Magento Hosting Plans For Every Business Need

Experience Fully Managed Magento 2 Hosting at No Extra Charges

Included With EVERY Managed Magento Plans

Free Sucuri Firewall (Worth $200)

Global CDN for Faster Speed

24*7 Proactive Monitoring

Daily backups webscoot.io

Daily Automated Backups

We had a kickass weekend after moving to WebScoot’s Magento Platform. They helped us boost speed by 30%. Faster Speed & expertise in Magento came in handy!

Ronak Sarda,
CEO, Coveritup

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WebScoot Offers Everything You Need

Run Magento 10X Faster

Our optimized and finely configured servers make sure your website speed is above average market standards.

  • In-built CDN
  • Run on AWS cloud
  • Advanced server-level caching
  • Finely-tuned servers for faster speed
  • SSD-based cloud hosting
  • Magento 2 Hosting Experts
secured website hosting

Safer Magento Hosting

Your store’s safety is our priority! Our Managed Magento Hosting includes:

    • 24*7 Security Checks
    • Malware Scanning & Cleaning
    • Premium Web Application Firewall

Proactive 24*7 Support

Our 24*7 scanning and proactive system look after your store to keep vulnerabilities at bay.

  • Magento Patch Management
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Server Health Checks
  • Complete Customer Journey Monitored



Scale Easily As You Grow

Different stores, different needs & we understand that. Pick a plan that suits your requirements at the moment and you can easily upgrade as you grow.

  • Handle traffic surges effectively
  • Real-time upgrades
  • Downgrade easily


We're Supporting Magento 1 Stores

Want to stay on M1? Our managed hosting plans support are customised for the best speed & security.

> Free Migration included

Real-Cases of our Clients

Webscoot.io's Managed hosting drives 80% traffic boost for client

Smartcellular saw 80% boost in traffic after switching to Webscoot

Being a fast-growing company in the UK, Webscoot optimized the stacks according to reduce their loading time which helped them to scale easily in just one month!

Revived: Hacked Website Saved by Managed Hosting.

A Hacked Website - Recovered, Sold 2X in Just 30 Days

WebScoot cleaned up a malware-infected food eCommerce* website which helped them get back on track. In 30 Days, the website sold 2X products.

Managed hosting delivers 65% faster website performance

Oyegifts boosted its speed by 65% in 3 Days

A fast-growing company approached Webscoot to boost its speed. We optimized their website which helped them handle more traffic with better speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1)  What is Magento hosting?

Magento hosting will help set up an optimized environment where you can run your website without any hiccups and offer top-notch performance to your viewers. With free SSL, advanced-cache, latest PHP and MySQL versions, daily backups, and Sucuri firewalls, our servers have been optimized to take hosting off your shoulders. 

Powered by AWS and our 24×7 dedicated services, you won’t have to worry about downtime, security, scalability, and database management of your website at all. We also offer Managed Magento 2 Hosting.

Q2) I get a lot of visitors daily, will you be able to handle it and guarantee uptime? 

Yes! Our hosting solution is powered by the world’s fastest cloud- AWS. With its easy scalability, you can increase or decrease your website’s resources according to your website traffic, and pay optimum prices.

Q3) Is your Magento hosting platform secure?

Our server-side firewalls and web-application firewalls will prevent 99.9% of DDoS, XSS, SQL injection, and other such attacks from harming your website. With our secure servers and 24×7 monitoring, you can be assured that your website is in safe hands. We’re one of the best Magento Hosting Providers in the market with about 11+ years of experience; you’ll be in safe hands!

Q4) Will my website be fast on your managed Magento cloud hosting platform?

Absolutely! We use global CDN and built-in caching. Your website will be powered by the world’s fastest cloud- AWS and we use the latest technologies like Varnish and Memcached to ensure that your website never slows down. 

Q5) What does ‘code-level assistance’ mean?

As hosting service providers, we don’t really interfere with the code of the website. But, we go one step ahead for our customers and identify if there’s any problem in the code that might be causing problems. We’ll communicate directly with your developers and you won’t have to worry about a thing!

Q6) Does WebScoot guarantee better performance?

It’s our priority! We optimize your website’s performance by performing regular checks and making improvements. Moreover, with proactive monitoring, load testing (paid add-on), and performance testing (paid add-on), we guarantee that your website will perform better under our watch.

Q7) Will you inform me about my website’s downtime?

Yes. We monitor sites 24×7 and immediately identify if there are any issues on your website. Our engineers step in immediately to take care of the issue. We will inform you, but you won’t have to deal with any downtime problems.

Q8) Can I Get Root Access? 

No. Ours is a fully managed hosting. We aim to not let any hosting-related hassle fall on our clients. Our 24×7 service guarantees zero downtime. We constantly configure your website’s environment to give the best performance and monitor it proactively. You won’t need to step in and take care of anything. 

However, we do consider giving access to special cases if the circumstances are unavoidable.

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