MariaDB is opensource software and is one of the most popular database servers. Its latest update (published on 5th November 2019) has caused the database to fail when started with WHM and cPanel servers.

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Recent MariaDB Issue on cPanel (MDEV-20987)

If you run the following MariaDB versions, the chances are your website will keep crashing. The MDEV-20987 issue is found in:

  • 10.1.42
  • 10.2.28
  • 10.3.19
  • 10.4.9

You will see the following error message in the MariaDB startup output on affected systems:

InnoDB: Failing assertion:table->can_be_evicted

Solution For The Crash

MariaDB knows the issue and is working towards it. Till then you can perform a downgrade of the MariaDB RPM packages.

How can you perform a downgrade? There are no supported methods of downgrading MariaDB using WHM and cPanel, you can manually perform this downgrade using this command:

yum downgrade MariaDB-server MariaDB-common MariaDB-shared MariaDB-client MariaDB-compat MariaDB-devel

This is only a temporary fix to the problem. You will continue to face crashes if your server is configured to automatically update the system packages. You need to pause the MariaDB RPMs upgrades until they publish a fix for this error.

In fact, we also use MariaDB in our stacks and encountered the crashing issue today. Our intelligent monitoring systems alerted us about this issue on one of our client’s servers and we pro-actively fixed this for all the affected cPanel servers to ensure zero downtime for all others affected!

Update: We’ve found that MariaDB has removed all affected versions from their repository – At this time the instructions to prevent update using yum-versionlock are no longer necessary.

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