Dedicated IP Address Benefits: What, Why, When?

Dedicated IP Address Benefits: What, Why, When?
Last updated May 6, 2024

An ‘IP address’ is not some jargon, but a common term we come across in our day-to-day. Still, 98% of internet users don’t know what IP addresses actually are. Most people don’t even know about dedicated IP address benefits.

It’s almost as if knowing your house number and which street you live on, but not knowing why exactly you need or have an address. 

Sounds bizarre right? It is!

In order to know what a dedicated IP address is and why you might need it, it’s crucial to understand what an IP address is and how exactly it works. 

So let’s dig in!

Table of content:

  1. What is an IP address?
  2. Dedicated IP address Definition
  3. Shared IP Address Hosting vs Dedicated IP Addresses Web Hosting
  4. Dedicated IP Addresses Benefits
  5. Some Common Misconception about Dedicated IP servers

1. What Is An IP Address?

IP full form stands for Internet Protocol. This ‘internet protocol’ is a set of guidelines the internet uses to facilitate communication and transfer data online.  

The internet is basically an interconnection of different types of computers. Just like homes, these computers also need addresses so that bowsers can access them and fetch data and websites. 
Confused? Let us simplify it for you. 
How do you think websites appear on your computer? Every website in the world is hosted on a special computer known as a ‘ web server’. 
Whenever you type in a website URL in your browser-

  • The browser looks for the domain name of the website. 
  • Then it looks for the IP address of the server your website is hosted on. 
  • Once it is able to locate the server, it fetches files/website/data you asked for and sends it to you. 

Without the IP address, a browser would not know where to look in order to fetch the data you’re requesting. 

Picture this, if you want to send a courier to a friend of yours who lives in another country, you’ll have to know his exact physical location. If you want to talk to your friend, you’ll have to know his phone number. 

Just like that, if different computers want to communicate with each other and exchange data online, they’ll need specific addresses to be able to do so. 

2. Dedicated IP Address Definition?

A dedicated IP address is the one that is connected solely to your website. Meaning, if you type in your IP address in your web browser, it will directly take you to your website. 

A shared IP address is used by many domains. If a few websites are hosted on the same server (they’re using shared hosting), then they will have the same IP address. However, if you’re using dedicated web hosting, then that server’s IP address will belong solely to you. 

Shared vs  Dedicated IP difference

Note: There are cases when you’re using shared hosting but a dedicated IP address. This is possible because one server can have different IP addresses. 

3. Shared IP Address vs Dedicated IP Address

There are two sorts of IP (Internet Protocol) addresses used in networking: dedicated IP addresses and shared IP addresses. Each has benefits and applications of its own.

Shared IP address vs Dedicated IP address

Shared IP Address

  • Many people: Several people or websites share the same IP address when there is a shared IP address configuration.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Since the cost of shared IP addresses is divided among several users, they are usually more economical.
  • Restricted Control: You have little influence over the reputation and actions of the IP address because it is being used by several users. Malicious activity by one user may have an effect on the IP address’s reputation, which may damage all users that share it.
  • Common IP Address: When numerous websites are hosted on one server in a shared hosting environment, shared IP addresses are frequently used.

Dedicated IP Address:

Using Dedicated IP hosting address differs from Shared IP address in the following ways:

  • Single User: Only one person or thing is given a dedicated IP address.
  • Increased Control: You have more authority over its actions and reputation when you have a dedicated IP address. Since you are the only user using the IP address, your activities are unaffected by those of other users.
  • Preferred for Specific Applications: Dedicated IP addresses are frequently chosen for particular applications, such as hosting an SSL certificate for online stores, operating particular kinds of servers (such as email or game servers), or putting more stringent security measures in place.
  • Dedicated IP Address Pricing Cost: Because dedicated IP addresses are more exclusive than shared IP addresses, they usually cost more.

To sum up, the primary distinction is the control and exclusivity of the IP address. Dedicated IP addresses are used just by one user, whereas shared IP addresses are utilized by several users. Your decision between the two will be influenced by a number of variables, including your budget, security concerns, and unique requirements.

4. Dedicated IP Addresses Benefits

Listed below are the advantages of dedicated IP address:

benefits of dedicated Ip address
  • Full Autonomy: With a dedicated IP address, you have full control over your internet activities.
  •  Protection from Blacklisting: A dedicated IP address reduces the risk of blocks or blacklisted due to others’ actions.
  • Beneficial for eCommerce: Ideal for eCommerce websites sending bulk emails without any penalty.
  • Direct Access: Easily access your website using the IP address directly, helpful if domain names are inaccessible.
  • Cost Considerations: Dedicated IP Pricing typically come with an additional cost compared to shared IPs but more benefits.

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Some Common Misconceptions about Dedicated IP servers

There are a lot of misconceptions related to dedicated IP addresses. For example,

  1. A dedicated IP address does NOT improve your website SEO
  2. It has no effect on a website’s Google rank. 
  3. It does not reduce a website’s downtime or enhance its speed. The speed and downtime depend on whether or not you have shared or dedicated hosting.

Dedicated IP addresses seem to only serve a limited purpose. But for websites that don’t want to be exposed to the risk of getting blocked by other servers because of other domains, it’s worth a try!

Want to know more about dedicated IP addresses or dedicated hosting? Talk to your experts.



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