While work from home was quite popular among tech companies. Due to COVID-19, the remote teams has become default. The transition happened overnight, pushing companies to either layoff its employees or push teams to work from home without proper fundamental structures. Therefore, most of the small companies and startups are still struggling to establish proper reporting and goal analysis.

Common Challenges While Working From Home

  1. Lack of Supervision
  2. Distractions at Home
  3. Problems with Internet
  4. Social Isolation
  5. Higher Chances of Miscommunication

Strategies to Make Remote Teams Work

Remote work can be challenging without proper strategies. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Structured Check-ins & Check-outs

As a manager or head, you can establish a daily call with your employees. This could be a one-on-one call or a team call, depending upon the collaboration needed. This will help them ask questions and discuss concerns if any.

2. Opportunities for Remote Social Interaction

One of the most important duties of a manager is to boost social interaction among employees without hindering the work. You can do this by leaving some time at the beginning of team calls for non-work items. Or having virtual parties.  

3. Different Communication Platforms

Communicating over emails alone is insufficient. Having a richer technology such as video calls where everyone can see each other face-to-face gives them visual cues and boosts mutual knowledge about coworkers. It will also help reduce social isolation. If you have a complex or sensitive conversation, a video call is the best option.

For simpler conversation, you can use Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, etc.

4. Emotional Support & Encouragement

This abrupt shift to remote working has led to confusion and increased anxiety amongst employees. Try to listen and empathise with their struggles. Simple questions like “How is this remote work situation working out for you so far?” can give you information that you might not hear otherwise. Besides these, give them daily affirmations like “We’ll get this done”, “We can do this”. This will help them focus on tasks and have a purpose.



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