8 Impressive Magento 2 SEO Extensions for Better Rankings

8 Impressive Magento 2 SEO Extensions for Better Rankings
Last updated May 6, 2024

A lot has been said about the importance of SEO in the digital world. There are around 24 million eCommerce websites on the internet, so how do merchants ensure that their store not only shows up, but also ranks high on Google’s SERP? While all eCommerce content management systems provide basic SEO settings, you can do a lot more to enhance the on-page SEO of your website.

Magento vendors have rolled out full SEO packages, as well as small extensions that offer only a few SEO enhancement features. In this article, we will talk about tool-kits that provide you with end-to-end solutions, so that you don’t have to look elsewhere once you’ve bought one of these.

Table of Content:

  1. A Basic SEO Checklist
  2. Best Magento 2 SEO Extensions (All-in-one Toolkits)
    • MagePlaza
    • MageWorx
    • Mirasvit
    • Webkul
    • Amasty
    • FME extensions
    • Emipro Technologies
    • Swissuplabs
  3. Conclusion

A Basic SEO Checklist

Before you start looking at extensions, here is a check-list of the basic features you need to look for:

1. Rich Snippets

Snippets are what appear on a SERP whenever a search query is entered. It’s important to edit these and add advanced information, so that visitors are more inclined to click on your store’s link whenever it appears on the search engine results page.

2. Page Analyser

An SEO page analyser will audit all your website pages from the backend itself, and tell you if there is anything more you can do to enhance SEO of that page.

3. Advanced tags

Tags like Hreflang, Canonical, opengraph, no index, etc are important for better indexation of your pages.

4. Mass-optimization tools

Large e-stores with a bulk amount of pages need some SEO tasks/rules that can be automated and applied to multiple pages at once. This saves a lot of time and effort and also ensures consistency across your entire store.

5. HTML/XML Sitemaps along with layered navigation

Structured data improves your customer flow and gives you brownie points when your site is indexed. XML/HTML sitemaps and advanced navigation is very important for an eCommerce store.

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6. Meta tag and description templates

Magento 2 SEO extensions should include SEO templates that can be applied to edit the meta title and description, as well as the meta data on product and category pages.

8 Best Magento 2 SEO Extensions (All-in-one Toolkits)

1. Magento 2 SEO Extension by MagePlaza

Magento 2 SEO extensions

MagePlaza‘s extension comes with a lot of promises. It contains many advanced features that will assist you and make your store’s search engine optimization look like a cakewalk. It offers a complete SEO checklist to make sure you don’t miss out on any SEO best practices.

Some of its highlight features include:

  • Automatic prevention of duplicate content. You can add a canonical link configuration to make sure that your URL links don’t appear as duplicates to Google.
  • It adds enhanced rich snippets to the search engine results of your website URL. Meaning, apart from the meta title and description, you can also choose to showcase Rating, Review, Price, Stock status, etc.
  • You can set metadata template rules for effortless configuration and a higher CTR.
  • You can use the ‘Hreflang tag’ that tells search engines which language different pages are written in. This will help you rank higher when visitors search in that language.
  • XML/HTML Sitemaps and layered navigation for better user experience.

Price: Free and Premium starting at $199

2. SEO Suite Ultimate Extension for Magento 2 by MageWorx

Magento 2 SEO extensions

MageWorx’s extension comes packed with an array of powerful SEO features. If you have a large website with a multitude of pages to optimize, then Mageworx’s SEO suite is a great plugin to go for. Through its mass optimization techniques, you can create SEO processes that can be applied to a lot of pages at the same time. This will save and manage your time efficiently.

Apart from offering basic SEO functionalities, its feature set includes:

  • Duplicate content elimination
  • Optimized crawling and indexation
  • Internal link building
  • Mass metadata optimization
  • SEO reports to detect underlying SEO issues on all product and category pages.
  • XML/HTML sitemap and SEO for layered navigation
  • Advanced rich snippets with Robot meta header
  • Smart redirects
  • Canonical and Hreflang tags

If you’re looking for an all-in-one SEO solution with advanced features, then MageWorx’s SEO Suite is highly recommended.

Price: $299

3. Magento 2 SEO Suite Extension by Mirasvit

Magento 2 SEO extensions

Mirasvit‘s Magento 2 SEO extension comes with basic functionalities as well all the bells and whistles you need in an SEO extension to make your job easier. It comes with a 90-day free support and free lifetime update. Key features include:

  • SEO toolbar that gives you a full analysis of a page
  • Advanced rich snippets and open graph
  • You can create SEO templates
  • Management of rewrites of SEO meta tags
  • You can also manage SEO settings of layered navigation, product and category pages
  • You can automate meta tag management of your store
  • Advanced Google XML/HTML sitemap

Price: $99 with 30 days money back guarantee

4. SEO Toolkit for Magento 2 by Amasty

amasty Magento plugin

Amasty‘s SEO toolkit aims to enhance the organic rankings of your store and improve its customer flow. Its features are at par with other Magento 2 SEO extensions. The only difference I found is its ‘advanced pagination’ feature, which allows you to add link relations, page numbers to meta titles, and page numbers to meta descriptions.

It also automates cross linking on your website, which is a useful feature if you have a lot of product and category pages.

Key features include:

  • Advanced pagination and page redirects
  • Advanced rich snippets for search results
  • Automated meta tags templates
  • Unique product URLs to eliminate duplicate content
  • Automated internal and external cross-links
  • Advanced XML/HTML sitemaps

Amasty facilitates efficient management of Cron jobs through the admin panel of the extension, so you can easily automate and eliminate tasks.

Pricing: $249 with 90 days money back guarantee

5. Magento 2 SEO Suite Ultimate by Magefan

Magefan magento SEO extension

Magefan’s SEO Suite Ultimate Extension is a robust solution that allows you to build organic traffic, increase CTR, increase conversion rates and improve vital SEO features without any technical knowledge. This tool is a bundle of 7 different modules, featuring rich snippets, XML and HTML sitemaps, hreflang tags, OG tags, Twitter cards, canonical tags, SEO templates, and much more. 

Key features include:

  • SEO templates for the product, category meta title, descriptions keywords, and H1
  • Automatic SEO-friendly permalinks
  • Canonical tags for the category, product, homepage, CMS, contact, Magefan blog, and specific pages
  • Pagination With Rel=”next” And Rel=”prev” for catalog categories
  • Max-snippet, max-image-preview, max-video-preview robots meta tag
  • Automatic redirects from disabled products and categories
  • Automatic redirects to product and category canonical URLs
  • Cross-links for product short description, description, product attributes, category description, CMS page and blog, Magefan blog content
  • Automatic hreflang tags generation
  • Product rich snippet
  • Organization rich snippet
  • Breadcrumb snippet
  • Search box snippet
  • HTML sitemap generation 
  • Remove pages from the XML sitemap
  • Open graph metadata and Twitter cards for a product, category, CMS pages, Magefan blog, and homepage

Pricing: $177.50 (With 50% Discount)

6. Magento 2 SEO Extension by FME extensions

Magento extension SEO

Another all-in-one SEO toolkit, FME comes with 7 tools to help you with the on-page SEO of your store. Apart from these, I could not find any advanced or additional functionalities that offer more in terms of efficient management or mass-optimization.

Key features:

  • Auto-create SEO Meta Title, Description & Keywords
  • Generate SEO Optimized Alt Tags for Product Images
  • XML & HTML sitemaps
  • Hreflang Tags to tell search engines which language you are using
  • Add no index tags to any extra pages that you don’t want bots to crawl
  • Add advanced rich snippets
  • Canonical tags to prevent duplicate content

Price: $179 with 45 days money back guarantee

7. SEO Suite by Emipro Technologies

Magento 2 SEO extensions

Emipro markets its SEO extension as ‘your own SEO specialist’ and rightfully so. You will not find any important or advanced feature missing from its collection, and it comes with lifetime free updates! They also offer you a free SEO audit, where their technicians will analyze your store for SEO loopholes and suggest improvements.

It also integrates with Adwords and Analytics which is a major plus point.

Key features:

  • SEO information rewrites
  • Automatic internal linking
  • Canonical tags, Hreflang tags, image alt tags, and more
  • Advanced and extended rich snippets
  • Advanced XML/HTML Sitemap
  • Advanced breadcrumbs and business structured data
  • Twitter cards and Facebook Open Graph tags

Pricing: contact sales team for quote

8. SEO Suite For Magento 2 by Swissuplabs

SwissupLabs SEO magento 2

Swissuplabs doesn’t miss out on any fundamental features, although some advanced management features seem to be missing. It’s well-documented. and comes with elaborate user and installation manuals that will help you set up and manage the extension.

Key features:

  • Automatic generation of meta tags for product and category pages
  • XML & HTML sitemaps with extended settings
  • Advanced rich snippets
  • Automatic cross-linking
  • Canonical and Hreflang tags
  • Paginated content to improve indexation

Pricing: Not revealed


All the Magento 2 SEO extensions are mostly at par with one another in terms of their feature pallet. I would suggest you consider the level of support and money-back guarantee time period that your vendor is offering, even if you have an IT team of your own. Also, look for user reviews and ratings on the Magento marketplace.

If you have any queries or feedback, do mention below!

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